About Egotastic

Egotastic! brings you the sexiest celebrity gossip, the hottest pictures, and the latest news and rumors from the world of those crazy celebs.

If you love celebrity gossip, then you’ll love Egotastic! It’s the sexiest celebrity gossip blog.


How does Egotastic! choose its subject matter?

We primarily work from a triangle (or maybe it’s a pyramid, we’re horrible at geometry) with three components: CELEBRITY (how famous), SEXY (how smoking hot), and PICTURE TYPE (how awesome, extra points for candids, slips, etc). Our goal is to to maximize all three components with each post. Like most underachievers, we rarely fully succeed, but we still aim for the heights. Sadly, there are laws against climbing into certain sexy celebrities homes with cameras and getting every picture we wish we could show our readers. Someday, in a more just world, this will be different.

Where does Egotastic! source its content?

Great question and glad you asked. We maintain ridiculously expensive licensing deals with numerous, major photo wires and agencies to have access to the best and latest paparazzi photos, both candid and from special and live events. Additionally, we have relationships with a large number of both hardcopy and online journals and magazines that provide us with sexy celebrity material. Other material comes through trade publications, public relations firms, and other agents of celebrities looking to get their clients noticed by the millions of Egotastic! readers. And, some material comes right from our readers (see below).

Do you accept content or tips or recommendations from your readers?

We don’t just accept it, we require it to live and breathe. If you’ve got anything from a curious itch in your shorts to a full length sex tape of Michelle Obama, please contact us (using the form at the bottom of this page). We endeavor to return every message sent to us, though we are only 98% effective in this regard, which is pretty damn effective when you consider how unreliable most glue sniffers are. We try to give shoutouts in our posts to our contributors whenever possible.

WTF??? I see material on your site that I think belongs to me.

At times, we do receive tipped material from our readers that is unmarked and not practically possible to ascertain origin. If we’ve mistakenly posted material that you own or control and you do not wish us to share this material with our readers, please contact us with evidence of your claim (using the form at the bottom of this page) and we will remove the content in a timely manner. Conversely, if you’re a reader and you see a post with media removed, it’s most likely a result of an after-the-fact removal of material by request. Mistakes happen. We should know, we make a ton.

I find some material on your site to be offensive or inappropriate

We do our super very best to comply with all presiding and relevant laws regarding our publication of content. Please bear in mind that this compliance is in regards to laws, not opinions as to propriety. The opinions that matter to us are those of the vast majority of our readership. If you find yourself offended by any material on this site, first, we apologize, second, we want you to let us know, but third, we want you to bear in mind that we are a site that had over 70 million people visited at least once in this past year. We can’t possibly please everyone, all of the time.

Is Egotastic! really a feminist site?

Third wave, baby. While, admittedly, some male-oriented-reader sites are a tad rude to the female members of the species, Egotastic! adores women. We love them. We think they’re hot. We understand that there’s no greater power in this world than a sexy woman. We’re just here to drool and admire and enjoy.

I see advertisements on your site; I’m scared and confused

We learned this the hard way, but, turns out, if you don’t pay your bills, they turn off your lights and power and that sort of thing. Our advertisers help us to pay the cost of bringing our readers the best of the sexy side of celebrity gossip for the amazing bargain price of FREE. We encourage you to support our advertisers and to encourage our bill paying ability. In the very least, don’t let your dogs poop on their lawns.

Sometimes, the site media content loads slowly

We are a content rich site, meaning, lots and lots of high resolution images and media content. So, there are times, especially during peak traffic, when you might notice some slowing. However, the good news is that we’ve just cracked open our piggy banks and purchased new media servers which means that you should be seeing faster loading speeds than perhaps in the past. This tech shizz is quite expense, so, please, visit and use our site often so we get our money’s worth.

Help. I can’t see any pictures at all

It’s probably you, not us. We say this because it’s true. At the moment we do not support some gaming console browsers or some mobile devices, but for everyone on Mac or PC, on Safari, Firefox, IE, Chrome, or whatever knock-off tools you’re using to access the web, we should be running just fine. If you’re experiencing problems surfing out site, please make sure you don’t have ad-blockers or other Internet security software setup that might be preventing our site from loading on your computer. Also, if you live in China or work for certain corporations, you might find they are wholesale blocking certain domains from your daily browsing experience.

If you still can’t figure out why the site isn’t loading properly, please contact us with the issue, the hardware and software systems you’re running on, and we’ll have the slave kids from the Subcontinent who run our tech department look into the problem. It’s the real Temple of Doom.

The video is not playing

We have moved most videos, at least temporarily, onto either YouTube (SFW videos) or DailyMotion (NSFW videos). They are now embedded on our blog links. However, if you’re still having trouble viewing the videos through our site, they all should be available directly on our YouTubeChannel or DailyMotionChannel.