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bill-swift - September 10, 2014

Every time I see Abigail Ratchford, I'm reminded of a dream I first had as a middle school boy about what all my future girlfriends would look like. Smart, obviously. Great personalities, that was a given. And if at all possible, absolutely completely crazy hot with a body that could smother me happy. And, for the record, smart and great personality were not absolute musts.

In this Ryan Astamendi photoshoot, Abigail Ratchford shows exactly why she is perhaps the hottest woman to ever come out of Pennsylvania. No offense to Kat Dennings who if you agree to go to the waterpark with me in a tiny top, I will gladly restore to the top of this list. Abigail is in her own big raven haired right, just one absolutely fine looking young woman who I would worship at an altar made of butter that when it melted I would rub onto her body until she glistened like a greasy goddess. I'm so down for that Abigail. I'm going to the store for the butter now. Costco, I'm not skimping. Just so damn hot. Enjoy.