Abbey Lee Kershaw Sheer And Chesty At Premiere Of “The Gift”

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bill-swift - August 1, 2015

Abbey Lee Kershaw was looking boobtacularly cleavtastic at the premiere of "The Gift". She was basically wearing a glorified bra but with a bunch of peek-a-boo windows cut into it. The result is not only a plethora of cleavage but also some sideboob action. What a way to start a Friday! Abbey is seriously hot. She's pretty much the full package. She's got a pretty face, an incredible body, and a pair of nice perky boobs that won't quit. I hope soon to see more of her funbags in perhaps a topless spread. That's all I want for my birthday. Well, not ALL I want. I also would like a pony. 

That "The Gift" movie actually looks pretty good. That's a nice change of pace. Movies have been sucking like a high-powered Hoover lately. 

Photo Credit: Splash