A Special Australia Day Message From Deadpool

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bill-swift - January 23, 2016

It's Australia Day, which is apparently a thing. I've never been to Australia. I'm too afraid of the fact that everything there can kill you. Including all the drunk people. With that in mind, Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds) has a special Australia Day message. It mostly involves making fun of Hugh Jackman as Wolverine. Particularly, Wolverine: Origins. Did you see that movie? It made my balls hurt it was so bad. The Wolverine was also pretty terrible. Hugh Jackman has played Wolverine about 57 times so they can't all be great. I'm really looking forward to the Deadpool movie. It looks both hilarious and like it is going to be violent as hell. What more do you want?

So, happy Australia Day. I'm going to drink some Fosters and eat some dingos or whatever. 

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