Eila Adams Strips to the Undercarriage for the Latest Edition of Wheelz on Naked News (VIDEO)

If you’re like me, you like your women like you like your cars. Asian and economically priced. I’m kidding! Kind of. The point is, there’s nothing second closest to a man’s heart than his set of wheels.  Hot girls and hot cars have gone together since the invention of both, or either. The teenaged boy brain is only wired for these two pursuits. And that doesn’t change much with age.

This week’s installment of Wheelz on Naked News features the blessedly blonde hot Eila Adams keeping viewers up to date on the latest news in all things vroom vroom and super fast, as well as revealing her own set of vroom vrooms, which is why Naked News is the best television not on television.

Check out the latest edition of Wheelz featuring Eila Adams on Naked News. It’s cars, it’s nekkid girls, and it’s just fun. Enjoy.

Constance Nunes Teases In Underwear While Her Hot Model Friends Strip Down For Fuse Magazine

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Constance Nunes is quite the featured sultry dish in her cotton undies. But you start adding in shots of her sultry model friends flashing their funbags and suddenly you have a Fuse magazine pictorial worthy of locking all the doors in your abode, pulling down the shades, and finding that old Hootie and Blowfish CD and cranking up the cover music. Hold my hand indeed.

Women like Constance Nunes give me the energy each morning to awake and check my front door in the hopes that Constance Nunes has a flight tire and is knocking at my door for assistance. Not sure where those tacks in the street came from. Naturally, I’m in the assistance of hot ladies business, even though I have no idea how to change a tire. What, AAA? There’s a five hour wait. Alas, come in Constance and make yourself comfortable. It could be a long afternoon. I’ll get us matching robes and margaritas. No, that’s not Hootie and the Blowfish coming from my room. Who wants a refill? Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Ben Ray, Daniel Chase, Ivan Ramirez And Ryan Calderon In Fuse Magazine

Shanina Shaik Wears Little Lacy Lingerie, Your Heart Goes Pitter Patter

Tall and dark and lovely and in tiny bits of lacy lingerie? Oh, yes, I’ll tale four orders of Shanina Shaik modeling bras and panties to go, please.

The Australian born exotic model took to her task of pimping Free People lingerie like only a truly sextastic charmer can. All the right glances, definitely all the right hot body, and that special bit of passion inducing ‘it’ quality that separates her from the merely very hot girls who also tried out for the gig. Shanina Shaik is a whole lot of sultry goodness packed into one desperate to be shared in lacy panties body. Sometimes I forget all about her, then she reappears and I slap myself for ever forgetting. Not super hard slaps, I’m somewhat afraid of violent contact. Shanina, you are exquisite. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Free People

Kylie Minogue Brings The Hotness And Other Fine Things To Ogle

Kylie Minogue uses her Instagram powers for sexy ends. (COED)

Nicole Scherzinger sports a tight dress with lots and lots of cleavage. (TMZ)

Angelica Kenova, the human Barbie, is freakin’ hot, yo. (Huffington Post)

Abigail Ratchford Instagrams some righteous underboob. (The Superficial)

Jennifer Lopez shows off her bare mid-riff while getting glitter bombed. (Dlisted)

Lindsey Pelas playing golf in a bikini. (Busted Coverage)

Bras are for quitters. (The Chive)

Taylor Swift Bares Skin In Overalls Because She’s Also Showing a Little Something Something

Taylor Swift is rather sneakily something akin to the queen of skin reveals. She never shows a lot, but she always shows something come rain or shine in her daily jaunts about Manhattan or L.A. Often it’s her legs in short skirts or shorts, but for sure even when in overalls, she’s going to show you how hard she’s been working on her lithesome body and just remind everybody that she’s five inches taller than anybody else in her industry.

Taylor flashed some midriff in a cut off tee beneath her overalls, just a little something something to remind you that while she’s a G-rated artist, you have rather R-rated thoughts about her. Okay, maybe X, but the point is, the compromise between the two allows her to sell her vibrant tall blonde sexuality while still maintaining her squeaky clean tween family image. Pretty genius. And we’re the primary beneficiaries, which is genius plus. We’d so like to see more, but at least we always get something. Thank you, Ms. Swift. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: FameFltnet/INF/Splash

Italian Beauty Queen Martina Ramundo Topless

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I always felt I would do well in beauty pageants. I don’t mean as a contestant, I mean as one of those lurid suggestive judges that questioned the girls in my dressing room as to how I was expected to remember them among their equally talented and hot peers when it came time for judging. Not just anybody can recite those lines with a serious face.

Italian pageant beauty Martina Ramundo followed up her 2014 Italian beauty pageant medals with this fabulous bit of topless dream girl state photographs. Oh, sure, it’s all kinds of Euro in its askance aloof glances and shade of melancholia, but if you can move past the pointless emotions, you’ll feel the primordial tingle of feasting your peeps upon the bare funbags of one passion inducing girl from The Boot. Always look for the simplest answer, and the simplest ogles. That’s Bill’s Razor. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Fabio Pregnolato La Voce Dell’Eros

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Samantha Hoopes Oiled Up Underboob Out in Nature

Samantha Hoopes may have made her big splash debut in Sports Illustrated swimsuit’s 50th anniversary edition, but her real memorably mammarables ought to be this blessedly hot Rony Shram shoot of the oiled down, shirt up boobtastic base out in nature, where I’m told restraining orders don’t hold, so, yeah, Samantha, that’s me over there trying hopelessly to hide behind the chaparral.

The amazingly hot Samantha got even more alluring by way of some revealing tops, flashing her stellar rack all shiny and tantalizing toward Mother Sun and the rest of the known ogling universe. She truly is a treasure of tasty ta-ta treats. There’s no place her slick underboob can’t be taken and suddenly make that place the place to be. My boudoir comes to mind. Just throwing it out there as an option, Samantha. I’d gladly fling the cat over the balcony if it made you more comfortable, or, you know, turned you on. Stupid cat, wonderful Samantha. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Rony Shram