Is ‘Mario Kart 8’ the Most Sextastic Slice of Nintendo Ever? Check Out This IGN Montage (VIDEO)

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bill-swift - April 8, 2014

That's sextastic in the graphically-based sense. If you were hoping for a regal nip-slip from Princess Peach or something, you're out of luck. You foul, foul deviant. Mario will not be getting his large plumbing tool out today.

Instead, we're admiring Mario Kart 8 and its splendiferous HD glory. As we know, Nintendo's consoles aren't renowned visual wonderboxes. It took them until the Wii U to learn the function of those fancy HDMI cables all the young people have been talking about. Nevertheless, Mario Kart's first high-def release is looking ball-bustingly good.

Behold IGN's Track Montage above, and see just how far the game has come since that first announcement. Has Mario's mustache ever looked so lush? Has Wario ever looked more like a fat-ass pervert? No, and no. That spangly space-view on Rainbow Road, the expansive stadium stretching into the distance... this is looking special indeed. If that isn't the shiniest, campest pink car you ever saw, you're probably lying.

You can see the clip in full 60fps splendor at the link above, if that's the kind of thing you feel the need for.

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