Lindsay Lohan’s Bikini has Jumped the Shark

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bill-swift - September 4, 2006

Okay, I have to admit, even I'm getting a little tired of all these Lindsay Lohan bikini pictures. At first, it was great, but like too much of any good thing (and that's a debatable point, in this case), after a while, you start to lose your taste for it.

Don't get me wrong, I still think Lindsay has a killer body (even though I know a lot of you will disagree), but the bikini thing is becoming a little passé. And if I'm starting to feel that way, I can imagine what the rest of you must be thinking.

At any rate, Lindsay is on vacation in Hawaii (vacation from what?) with her boyfriend/fiance (? - she's not wearing any rings...)/sugar daddy, and I've got a feeling that there are a lot more bikini pictures yet to come. Truly, I hope they don't, because I'm not sure if I'm strong enough to not post them.

That being said, here's Lindsay Lohan. Wearing a bikini. Somebody shoot me.

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