Ice-T Arrested For Toll Evasion

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elliot-wolf - October 29, 2018

Ice-T is an all-American badass. Even in his current geriatric state of existence he still has enough spunk in him to give any and all authority an arthritis riddled middle finger. While his recent naughty behavior didn’t involve recording another song that would end up on a Christopher Dorner playlist, it still managed to ruffle the feathers of a few cops. You would think someone that made it from rapping to acting would just relax and have Simon and Garfunkel records on repeat in their elderly age, but no, Ice-T is blowing through tolls in a McLaren.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... Ice was arrested by Port Authority police Wednesday morning for toll evasion as he was approaching the George Washington Bridge on the New Jersey side. We're told he tried crossing in the E-ZPass lane ... for drivers who prepay tolls with a transmitter, but Ice's didn't work.

Ice-T apparently didn't realize that and continued driving his brand new McLaren sports car, but was quickly pulled over by cops.

I’m aware that the toll price to get into NYC is pretty ridiculous, but I’d assume anyone driving a McLaren isn’t exactly poor. That’s like attempting to find some sympathy for Jeff Bezos if he’s ever caught hopping a turnstile. I’d agree that the rapper turned actor turned wealthy elderly delinquent doesn’t make great decisions too often. At his age, he still can’t convince his wife Coco to put on enough clothes before leaving the house. Maybe he was running away from a pile of problems at home. Or maybe he’s just another rich asshole that forgot to follow the rules.

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