Zombie Parkour? Yes.

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bill-swift - May 22, 2013

We all know that the zombocalypse is coming. The question is which kind of zombies will they be? The drug addled psychos from recent news stories? The slow moving ghouls of George Romero? Or the running zombies from 28 Days Later? I don't know. What I am sure of is that I hope they are nothing like the zombies in this video that can friggin' parkour. The video itself is pretty cool and the stunts are amazing. But it does bring to mind my own athletic shortcomings viz a viz not having my brains eaten by the undead. I'm overweight and I have a bad knee. I could maybe get away from the slow moving guys if they don't cut off my escape route. But I know I don't stand a chance with zombies that can either run or bounce around buildings and climb walls.

If Z-Day has zombies like this...well...it was nice knowin' y'all.

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