Zombie Love in ‘Warm Bodies’ and the Strangest Movie Romances

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bill-swift - February 6, 2013

Warm Bodies is the tale of a young lady who falls in love with a zombie, further proving that there just aren't any nice guys left. Well, nice AND alive, at least. Or it could mean that she simply lives in the ugly part of town. Or that she has a super freaky fetish involving the walking dead. Either way, a relationship is formed and another example of strange love continues.

For whatever reason, movie audiences seem to be fine with inappropriate relationships, and often ignore, what would normally be, obvious red flags. For instance, things like incest, age, death, and an attraction to animals doesn't really matter when a character falls in love. Why? Because you can't control what your heart wants. Also, we'll believe practically anything.

Here are The Strangest and Most Inappropriate Movie Romances:

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