Zoey Deutch Red Hot in C Magazine

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bill-swift - March 28, 2017

Hold me, sweet Egotastic Jesus. Zoey Deutch has grown into precisely the alluring ginger highlighted hottie that was foretold by the Fates who track such things. Or at least were previously in lust with her mom, Lea Thompson, for long enough to be unofficially married in seventeen nations. 

Despite her toil for the Disney channel empire, Zoey had maybe her breakout role in film this past year opposite James Franco in that fairly craptastic comedy, Why Him? Movies with question marks in title. The writing was on the wall. Similar to how it was that Zoey would become a twenty-something super hottie, classy, but ever so passion inducing as in this C magazine spread featuring her in hot red. Zoey, you definitely have to put on that red dress tonight. You're absolutely killing when. When the underthings photos appear, I'm going to need oxygen. I've got that ready too. Nurse! Enjoy.

Photo credit: C magazine