Zoe Kravitz Sweaty Hot in Lace

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bill-swift - April 13, 2016

If you happen to super dig underrated hottie Zoe Kravitz, then you will fall even deeper into lust upon seeing these Matt Jones shot photos of the thespianic and occasional straight up model who exudes the sextastic in a rather effortless kind of manner. It's that thing where you naturally seem hot and sweaty and are wearing clothes but it seems like you're kind of naked. It's hard to put into words, better left to pictures.

Zoe Kravitz being second generation celebrity, third really, has never been the obvious flaunting exhibitionist type. More like the serious actress type who knows men like to peekaboo her sweetness and once in a while gives in to her benevolence and allows that to happen. I can't really tell if that's better or worse for all of us than just rank and file need for bodily attention like many of her peers. I'll let you know after another half an hour of staring into her hotness in this visual treat. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Matt Jones