Zendaya Braless Pokies In Manhattan, Summer Is Here!

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bill-swift - June 20, 2017

As if you needed more signs that summer is in the air and in our hearts, Zendaya toured around the Big Apple showing off her faptastic peaches in a tight white tank top and no need for undergarments. Tis the season to ditch the bras and pokies your way into the hearts of man-kind.

Zendaya isn't featured here often, leading a rather private life. Boo. But when the young pop singer and thespianic and social media massive following starlet appears, she's always got something fine to display. Like her funbags to kick off the solstice. If this is going to be a multi-month period of sextastic celebrities wearing tight white tops, I'm going to need to lay down a few extra sheets of plastic. Just saying, always be prepared. Prurient boy scouts motto.

Zendaya, blessed be your boobtastic. Let them sweet teats be free! Enjoy.


Photo Credit: Blackgrid