Zara McDermott Flashes Major Underboob In Tiny Bralet

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aldo-vallon - October 15, 2018

I hope Zara McDermott had someone to push her around on a dolly all night, otherwise she was all but guaranteed to have a little nip slippage at some point. With all the strutting that women do when they walk I think it is inevitable that the flip flopping of the boobs would overpower the shirt.

I am surprised this post did not show up on All Stars instead. That must mean the photographers were not around for that moment, which makes me lose faith in their abilities. I have placed more trust in them to catch any unintended nudity from celebs than I have placed in any of my family members in my life.

Now I am left wondering how much boobage I have missed out on in my life by trusting them to do a job I should have been doing myself. My professional career might have taken a hit, but I would have been doing work that really meant something. I feel like an old man looking back on his life with regret at all of the missed chances, only I think my regret means more.


Photo Credit: MEGA / Backgrid USA