Zara Holland Represents the New World Order

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Lex Jurgen - April 12, 2017


Win a beauty pageant. Appear on dating reality show. Blow a dude on the show. Be stripped of your pageant title. Launch a bikini line. College isn't for everyone. In fact, if you're not studying the hard sciences or tech, it's a sucker's bet compared to blowing dudes to get your bikini line.

Zara Holland was Miss Great Britain until she suckled a dude on Love Island. It's Love Island. Nobody gets off the island without a mild burning sensation when they tinkle. Vanessa Williams started this pageant title stripping process long ago by default. She's made a fortune. At some point the pageant dolts will understand that they're offering twenty-five grand in gifts and services. A highly publicized sex scandal is worth two million cash to start. Ambitious young women will always swim with the current.


Photo Credit: Splash News