Yuliya Lasmovich Red Hot Christmas Lingerie

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bill-swift - December 10, 2015

There are ridiculously hot bodied Russian models in lingerie, then there is Yuliya Lasmovich, a woman who has stolen my heart in the most corruptible parts and pieced them back together into one single lusting focused bit of sextastic tickery. Yuliya knows how to tease, wants to tease, and has the sweet body tools to make it all happen. It's like an explosion of passion inducement by way of red lingerie.

Talk about tying a ribbon and the perfect bow around precisely what I want for Christmas. Santa, you don't need my letter. Just witness my tears of wanton desire as I gave upon the fine female form of Yuliya Lasmovich. You never got me that train set I wanted at six. Or the fake ID I asked for at fifteen. This is the time to make our accounts equal. C'mon, St. Nick, Yulia beneath my Christmas tree on the 25th, please. If you can't find the lingerie, it's fine, I'll take her without. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Garry "Prophecy" Sun