Yuliya Lasmovich Big Curves Wet in the Shower

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bill-swift - November 25, 2015

If you're going to take a shower in your tank top and little shorts, why not invite in a camera to capture the moment for posterity. Something to show the grandkids one day to absolutely blow their minds. Yep, there's your granny in her 20's. I know. Your grandpa is a very lucky man.

Russian model heartthrob Yulia Lasmovich certainly has a body meant for show. Showing off, showing up, showing every gentleman ogler a good time when they peek on her getting wet all over in the shower. It's unclear perhaps why she's wearing clothes into the shower, but perhaps this is one of those cultural things I can't possibly understand. Like algebra or women's need for emotional connections. Yuliya, anyway you choose to show is entirely up to you. Where you shower is really more of my concern. Which is why I'm offering you my natural rain shower for all your bathing needs. It's not a traditional built-in rain shower, but I will stand over you with watering bucket and pour gently. I promise not to peek. Okay, I get one peek. Oh, the angles. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: SunOfHollywood