You’re Going To Be Attracted To Miley Cyrus In These New Gym Twerking Videos

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earl-jonas - July 19, 2019


For as much as you guys like to play coy with your lust for snarky songstress Miley Cyrus, when push came to voting for our F*ck, Marry, Cancel: Hottest Disney Stars Edition, you wanted to f*ck her. Of course, many of you also wanted to cancel her. But the f*ck was there. Can you feel the f*ck tonight? Yes. Between you and Miley Cyrus.

Even if prior to clicking on this post you thought you would never get it on with Miley, all of that's out the window now. She just posted these three insanely hot video of her gym bod, and resistance is futile. She looks damn good and certainly knows how to show off her hot little bod. Suck it up and enjoy.