Now You: What’s Your Favorite Album Of All Time?

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Sam Robeson - June 15, 2018


That header image was supposed to be a joke. Verging on clickbait. For the record, Lana Del Rey's Born to Die is not my favorite album of all time. It's my second favorite. That was another joke. Anyway, we all have an album that touched our cold shriveled bitchy hearts in some way, and today it's your turn to decide which one is your favorite. Maybe it's whatever got you through high school, or maybe it's your go-to when something terrible happens in your life - like when you read about Jada Pinkett Smith telling her daughter that she was a chronic masturbator at her age. You know, the really dark times. Or maybe you just fucking like it.

This is a judgment free-ish zone, so don't trash anyone's picks in the comments. Unless of course they pick Born to Die by Lana Del Rey.

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