Your Favorite Homoerotic Childhood Cartoon Is Coming Back to the Big Screen

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bill-swift - October 10, 2013

Hey there, have you got a minute? Okay, cool. Let me try to guess what you are thinking right now. Ready? Okay. Is it this: 'Man, I sure could go for a movie about a good-looking blond guy in a loincloth who fights evil doers with his pet cat who, appropriately enough, is scared of everything?'

Yeah, I thought so. And friend, you are in luck. Because yes, they are making another live-action Masters of the Universe movie.

By 'they,' of course, I am referring to Columbia Pictures and Mattel, creators of the iconic 1980s toy line-turned-animated cartoon series. The project is being headed by Hannah Minghella and DeVon Franklin. So far a couple of different people have taken a stab at writing a script, but according to The Hollywood Reporter, Terry Rossio, the man behind The Lone Ranger (which was super successful), is the flavor of the month.

Originally Jon M. Chu of G.I. Joe: Retaliation fame was supposed to direct, but now he's out. There's also no word yet on who will play He-Man/Prince Adam, Master of the Universe/Effeminate Doofus. But I'm sure whoever it is will do a super job.

Now come on, admit it. This news just made your day, right?