You Need One: Screwpop Magnetic Screwdriver & Bottle Opener

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bill-swift - May 20, 2014

Screwing and drinking. It's two things most dudes do on a regular basis. By screwing, we actually mean putting screws in place and you might find yourself screwing stuff more if you're the fixer-upper type. Not the type of screwing you were thinking of (or hoping for), right? As for drinking, well, whether soda or beer is your poison of choice doesn't matter, as long as it keeps you cool.

What can help you do both things? Just one thing: the Screwpop Magnetic Screwdriver & Bottle Opener. It's compact and fits in the palm of your hand (half your palm, actually) so it's not a bother to carry this thing around in your pocket.

Get It: $20

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