You Judge The Cleavage Contest With Hailey Baldwin and All The Sexiest Hollywood Supermodels and Celebs

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brian-mcgee - November 7, 2018

There's an important matter to which we must get to the bottom. Wait, is it that or is it "of which we must get to the bottom"? Fucking prepositions. Bane of my existence.

Anyway, the matter at hand is who had the best cleavage at the launch of True Belieber Hailey Baldwin's sparkly new clothing line with Pretty Little Thing. They look straight out of Liberace's heterosexual dreams. That there are so many challengers for this title speaks to the depth and breasts of each competitor. Am I mixing my metaphors or just flat out being an idiot at this point. You be the judge!

Hey, speaking of you be the judge, why don't you put your god damned stupid opinions to use for a change. Here's a bunch of babes baring cleavage and you get to decide who wins. Is it Farrah Abraham? Is it literally anyone else? Please say it's someone else. There's a lot of options here, y'all. Consider them all carefully. And make your choice carefully. You don't want anyone saying this in the comments section...

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