You Gotta Get This: Police Box Kit Turns Your Fridge Into a TARDIS

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bill-swift - April 25, 2013

Calling all fans of Doctor Who! 

While you won't be able to get your own TARDIS in this lifetime or the next, you will be able to transform your existing refrigerator into the blue space and time-traveling box that the Doctor is rarely seen traveling without. Primarily because that's what he uses to travel...

Anyhow, the folks over at Glass Sculpture have put together the Police Box Fridge Kit which consists of various skins that you're supposed to plaster all over your fridge. There are also add-on options like the ice maker telephone door which is supposed to go over your (surprise, surprise) ice maker and an audio module that plays the TARDIS' iconic sound whenever you open the fridge door.

Check It Out: $185++

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