You Gotta Be Kidney Me! Sarah Hyland Looks Hotter Than Ever In Revealing Bikini Video

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earl-jonas - April 5, 2019


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I love dancing. I love boats. I love lamp.

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All kidney aside, Sarah Hyland - who is still relatively fresh off her second kidney transplant, in case you were wondering where these bomb kidney puns were coming from - looks truly amazing in a new Instagram video that sees her stretching the heck out of a bikini on a boat. Ah, bikinis and boats. Where would Insta starlets be without the alluring combo? The twenty-eight-year-old Modern Family star is sporting what I believe is a bikini from Emily Ratajkowski's swimwear line, and Hyland definitely does the garment's creator proud. Needless to say, the kid...neys are alright.



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