Yes, the Demons of ‘Doom’ DO Make for the Most Badass Plush Toys You Ever Saw

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bill-swift - September 10, 2013

Well sure, there isn't much competition in that regard. The word ‘badass' evokes all kinds of images (machete ballsack shaving and shark wrestling, for instance), but a small teddy bear with beans stuffed up its ass is not one of them.

We'll make an exception, though, for these two adorable angry bastards. Meet the Cacodemon and Pain Elemental, the first fruits of Gaming Heads' DOOM Demon Plush line. As the moniker suggests, these are freshly cute-ified versions of Doom's rabid hell-beasts. Nobody's gaming Nerd Nest is complete without these horrors.

The much ballyhooed Nineties shooter was populated by all manner of ghastly beasts from the depths of Satan's clogged u-bend. So what's next on the agenda? That disturbingly muscular pink goat dude that flexes his pectorals and/or fires acid projectiles at you (Baron of Hell)? We can only hope.

Could this be the best $14.99 you ever spent? Yes, yes it could. Man-tastic marine descending into the underworld with only a pistol and a snarly, stubbly face sold separately. Hopefully.

tomopop, via destructoid.

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