Yep, This Mario Kart Nursery is Freaking Awesome

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chris-littlechild - July 22, 2015

There are all kinds of dads. There's the lazy dad. There's the busy dad. The cool dad (they all think they're this one, but few are; nobody's worn baseball caps backwards since 1995). There's the awesome, involved, actually-takes-you-the-water-park-when-he-says-he-will-rather-than-faux-snoring-really-loudly-that-morning-until-you-give-up-and-stop-pestering-him-from-the-edge-of-the-bed dad.

But this guy? This is the ultimate dad, right here. The badassiest, daddiest dad who ever dadded. This is... Mario Kart nursery dad.

Namely Wes Swain, builder and nerdly Nintendoite-amundo. ‘In October of 2013, we found out we were going to have another kid! Any sane person would be instantly concerned about all of the logistics that come into play after learning this life-altering news. Me? I was trying to figure out what nursery theme I was going to choose,' quoth he, clearly a man with his priorities the right effing way around.

Noting a lack of Mario Kart-themed rooms for tiny urchins, Swain got his initial photoshop planning on. A year and a half later, this amazing room was completed. Based on the latest release in the series, Mario Kart 8, it boasts anti-gravity mobius strip tracks and Mario karting his way across the freaking ceiling.

Check out more on the project at geeksmithing. I don't know about you guys, but I --at the age of 26-- would move in right now.

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