Yeah, We Upgraded, Biyatches, I Mean, Faithful Readers

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bill-swift - December 1, 2011

Welcome to the newly remodeled bachelor (and cool lady friends who don't complain about the seat being left up) pad we call Egotastic!

Remember when I told you that as soon as I had the means I was going to fix this place up a bit? Well, yep, you guessed it, I killed a man for money. I'm not proud of the fact, but he was drum machine guy for an emo-electronica trance band, so let's not get all weepy. Plus, now the freshly fixed up Egotastic! has some cool new features that should make your online recreational life that much easier.

First off, notice the sleek color designed header and borders that now show you were the edge of the page is. And, we widened the screen size for a wide blog roll. Apparently, our old site was designed for the 8088's with their 9-inch monochrome screens and not for today's big-arse monitors. This should make everything a bit more horizontal, a bit less vertical, so less scrolling per post.

Next, you'll see, we can now embed these cool little link widgets for those who wish to see mo' mo' mo' about a particular sexy celebrity or story (like ScarJo getting nekkid back in September). And you can get a preview pic and info before you click, so I can stop putting in so many annoying hyperlinks in the text.

Also, as you see down below, I can add image preview strips to posts so I can recommend related pictures and you can jump right into the photo galleries.

And, for the 99% of you who might occasionally check out our All-Star posts, thumbnails on the story pages will now be located in a grid-view above the text, so you can get to them right away without having to peruse my annoying comments, like the one you're currently reading. Also, you can have the option to check out the All-Stars in the standard mid-sized slide gallery, or jump right into full-size uncensored pictures. Size does matter. (In fact, you can use the ZOOM feature now in the galleries to magnify portions of the pictures, if you so choose.)

We're working on a few more upgrades in the near future and will be tinkering with these new ones for a while, so bear with us through this short, unsettling, rectal probing like period.

The 21st century is going to be wonderful. I just betcha! Enjoy.


The upgraded site has new dimensions, wider, bigger, faster, stronger. It's possible that you may have some old Ego parts in your cache getting funky with what's loading with the new page. Try clearing out your cache and revisiting the homepage and see if that doesn't solve your problem. We have tested the new design with all the major browsers and operating systems.

If you still have problems, Contact Us by email or join us on our Egotastic! Facebook Page to ask specific questions we can forward to tech or answer for you right there. Thanks.

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