Yeah, It’s Real: Beard Beer is Beer Brewed Using Beard Yeast

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bill-swift - June 5, 2013

Booze now comes in the most unusual mixes and weirdest flavors. There's Mama Walker's breakfast liquers for one, and the funky-flavored cocktails from Oddka Vodka. Joining this ever-growing list of odd booze is Rogue's Beard Beer. Let me just say that it wasn't given that name to twist the tongues of its would-be drinkers.

Beard Beer is--you guessed it!--brewed using a real beard. Specifically, it's brewed with yeast that was extracted from brew-master John Maier.

I'm usually not very particular about the stuff I drink, but even I have second thoughts about drinking something that was made from stuff taken from a dude's beard. Brew-master or not, I still think this stuff is pretty funky.

Try It: $6.75

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