Yay! More Olivia Munn Bikini Pictures

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bill-swift - April 24, 2008

Our favouritest of favouritests, Attack of the Show host, Olivia Munn is back, and so are the Olivia Munn bikini pictures. These are really just an update to the last set of Olivia Munn bikini pictures we saw, but now her bikini is blue. That's mind-blowing! Or probably not, but still, nice. And don't worry Kevin, you're great too, but when's the last time you wore a bikini?

Update: What's better than Olivia Munn bikini pictures? How about an Olivia Munn bikini video! Here's Olivia stripping down, diving off a cliff, and getting very, very wet... And then she talks about her "butt hole being filled with all the water in the ocean." What's not to love?

More Olivia Munn bikini pics after the jump.