Yasmine Colt Sideboob Splish Splashy Sextastic in Aruba Bikini Shoot

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bill-swift - September 6, 2014

Yasmine Colt hails from Venezuela, but now currently resides in my libido in her wet half-shirt and bikini bottom flashing her amazingly hot sideboob and all over fine female form in the shallows of Aruba. Wow. The silly 138 Water people who don't actually seem to be selling any water have outdone themselves this time with this foreign beauty. She is, wow. Yasmine we really need to talk about what your side of hot funbags is doing to my nervous system right about now.

The wonderful thing about the world of the sextastic is just when you think you've seen it all, along comes another name, another face, another wickedly hot mostly nekkid body to prove that the sextastic is truly a never ending, constantly replenishing, domain of goodness. Yesterday, I didn't even know of Yasmine Colt, today, I want to have her babies. It happens that fast. What a great world. Enjoy.