Yao Ming did a Chinese Oreos Commercial and It is Superb (VIDEO)

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michael-garcia - July 6, 2012

Former NBA'er Yao Ming did a commercial last year for mini-Oreos in China. Today, it's finally getting its due around here. Yao and a young child (who for all I know might be 5'8" but standing next to Yao makes everyone look small) are walking and eating mini-Oreos.

Here's my question. Why would Yao eat mini-Oreos? I'm pretty sure regular sized Oreos would seem mini to Yao. Just like I'm sure he could drink a two-liter soda and it would look like a 20 ounce bottle in a non 7'6" person's hand.

Anyway, Yao's acting is pretty great here, especially after he realizes he's been tricked by that plucky little kid.

via SportsGrid / WithLeather

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