Welcome to the Champagne Room – The Yankees Celebrate AL East Crown

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michael-garcia - October 5, 2012

They're pretty used to this by now, but the New York Yankees sprayed the hell out of each with champagne and beer last night to celebrate clinching the American League East division championship. They did it on the final day, making it all that much sweeter I suppose.

As a kid I watched teams do this and always thought that it looked like so much fun. As an adult, I watch this and think, 'what an incredible waste of booze.' Of course, it's not like the champagne money is coming out of their pockets, so I guess if somebody else was footing the bill it wouldn't be such a tragic waste of the sweet nectar.

So the Evil Empire won another division crown and the playoffs start tomorrow with the one game wildcard round. Will the winners of those games spray champagne to celebrate getting to the next wildcard round?

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