Xbox One Set to Give Us A Little Somethin’ Somethin’ Special For Unlocking Rare Achievements

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chris-littlechild - October 5, 2016

  For a lot of us studly gamer-dudes, achievements and trophies aren’t much of a big deal. They aren’t really any kind of deal at all. Nuts to them. It’s more or less inevitable that you’ll get a couple on your way through a game, as they’re awarded for beating bosses and such, but other than that, who’s assed? 

The other group of us, that’s who. These are the guys who make those sweet, sweet platinums their goal in life, who choose games based on the ease of getting them. These renegade badasses from the depths of the devil’s ass live, breathe and crap Gamerscore, and you’ve got to respect that kind of dedication to the cause.

Me? For the most part, I could take or leave the whole thing. I will try and 100% the games I enjoy the most, which demands all those damn trophies as a point of pride. But it’s rare that I bother my butt doing that, very rare.

Those of you who did have a family intervention and get forced into AA (Achievementholics Anonymous) will dig this, though. There’s an Xbox One system update coming later this year, Destructoid reports, and it’s making this stuff a little more important.

Down PS4 way, trophies come with a ‘rarity’ scale and a percentage value that shows how many of your fellow players have earned them. A similar system is coming to Xbox, and it’s adding a separate little jingle to the ‘achievement unlocked’ popup for the rarer ones.

It’s not quite what I was hoping for (a Shia LaBeouf-style motivational I KNEW YOU COULD DO IT was unlikely though, to be fair), but this is kinda neat. Makes achievements feel more like you’ve actually achieved something.

You can check out a preview of the new system back at the link.

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