Xbox One Set for an Awesome 2016, Because Microsoft Would Say That

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chris-littlechild - December 5, 2015

The Xbox One had a hell of a bumpy start. As release approached in 2013, Microsoft had all kinds of dastardly and bastardly policies for it, which gamers didn't want to touch with a bargepole. That always-on business? Kinect being mandatory? Kinect watching you as you play Call of Duty in your stained tighty-whities? Hell no.

Microsoft had to do desperate u-turns on just about all of these things, and the whole situation improved, but first impressions count. You don't take your bloody chainsaw and collection of human bladders on a first date, and you don't alienate a lot of your customer base before even releasing a console.

Because of this, Xbox One has spent its life playing catch up with its rival the PS4. But hey, it's got its shit together in style now.

As Xbox execs have been saying for months, we're –apparently-- looking at Microsoft's best gaming lineup ever right now. Halo 5, Forza 6, Rise of the Tomb Raider, the best of 360 with backwards compatibility… all kinds of good stuff this holiday season. Now they're starting early with the 2016 hype train, and promising that the new year will continue to bring the badassery.

Yusuf Mehdi, Microsoft marketing executive, was busting out the PRtastic recently at the Credit Suisse Technology Conference.

‘If you like to game, this is the year to get an Xbox. We have Halo 5… we have Minecraft on Xbox. We have Gears of War, Tomb Raider. The best lineup; next year will also be the best lineup,' he said.

In terms of exclusives (timed or otherwise), 2016's set to bring Gears of War 4, Crackdown 3, Inside, Below, Scalebound, Sea of Thieves and Killer Instinct Season 3. What do you think? Does that make for a potential great year for the One?

Via GameSpot.


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