‘WWE 2K15’ Gameplay Trailer Brings More Manly Bravado Than You Can Handle (VIDEO)

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chris-littlechild - September 25, 2014

Wrestling, as we know, is a manly business. It's delightfully brutal, tendon-twisty, neck-snappy and joint-cracky. It's the roughest, badassiest, not-actually-happening sport there is. Even the women have arms like effing Popeye.

As such, there's a whole lot of bravado on display. Can you smell what The Rock is cookin'? He's cooking pure motherfudgin' awesome and dude-ish dudery, that's what he's cooking. And so are the rest of these guys. They're all about the drama.

As is this first gameplay trailer from WWE 2K15. Who the hell wants actual ‘gameplay' in their gameplay trailers? Nuts to that. Instead, here's a procession of beefy dudes gurning angrily at the camera/otherwise dicking about. There's Bray Wyatt with that creepy-ass The Exorcist spider walk of his. There's Triple H doing something that's sure as hell going to smart in the morning to that other guy. And there's the one with the shit beard, gesticulating like a Fascist dictator.

It's exciting stuff, we're sure you'll agree. We had to lie down awhile after watching. WWE 2K15 hits PS3 and Xbox 360 on October 28, and Xbox One and PS4 November 18.

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