WTSpoof: DuckTales Minus the Ducks But With a Whole Lotta Duct Tape (VIDEO)

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bill-swift - September 5, 2013

DuckTales was awesome. No, wait, correction: it is awesome. It stirs up a hundred and one childhood memories of bonding with friends and just goofing around and doing nothing every afternoon. Ah, those were the good days... (well, they were, before the discovery of p0rn and all other related good stuff...)

Turning duck into duct is The Warp Zone with their parody of the DuckTales opening theme. It essentially makes the intro more 'manly' by spelling out all the things that can fixed with duct tape. It's weird, it's funny, and it's definitely something worth watching to kill the time. Check it out in the player above. Enjoy!

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