WTFLOL: This Guy’s Got a Face Inside His Balls

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bill-swift - January 4, 2014

So this guy went in for an ultrasound after complaining of some discomfort. Turns out the cause of all that pain is the tiny man trapped inside his balls! Ugh, just look at that face!

Obviously, we're kidding. There's no way mini humans can be live inside men's there? The face right there is actually a mass that grew in the man's ball, which was promptly removed.

The image of the man's face, seemingly in some distress, was sent to Urology, the International Society of Urology's official journal, and was published in the journal's September volume. In the journal: 'The residents and staff alike were amazed to see the outline of a man's face staring up out of the image, his mouth agape as if the face seen on the ultrasound scan itself was also experiencing severe epididymo-orchitis.'

That's essentially nerd speak for 'This dude's got a face in his ball, check it out, folks!'

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