WTFlicks: ‘Masked Pervert’ is a Superhero in a Thong Mankini (VIDEO)

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bill-swift - February 23, 2013

Superheroes have gone to the dogs, at least in Japan. They've got a new Japanese parody manga movie lined up featuring a hero called HK, which is short for Hentai Kamen. If you're into animated floozies and virtual bangs, then no doubt the first part of the hero's name is something you're already familiar with.

HK's promo poster is disgusting (yeah, he's wearing fishnets and a spandex mankini), the trailer is disturbing, and the whole movie's storyline is borderline crazy--but that's probably what would make people flock to theaters once it hits.

HK apparently had a tough upbringing, since he has a masochistic cop for a father and a sadistic S&M queen for a mother. Freaky non-costume aside, I think unmasked perverts would be most interested in seeing if he manages to convince hoards of women to adhere to the movie's tagline: "It's for the sake of the world. Give your panties to me."

It's so stupid, it's borderline hilarious. HK hits theaters in Japan this April.

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