WTF Is This: Conceptual Dildomaker Turns Everything Into a Deep-V-Diver

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bill-swift - February 20, 2013

Ever thought of becoming a sex toy maker? You think about it all the time (sex, not the toys), you love doing it, and you love meeting people who share the same passion for sex and lovemaking as you do. So why not?

It might seem like a tough business to break into, but not if you've got the right tools like this conceptual Dildomaker that will--get this--turn everything and anything you want to into a dildo.

I kid you not. Designed by Francesco Morackini, the Dildomaker is basically a huge-ass contraption that resembles a pencil sharpener, only it sharpens objects to give it a peen tip instead of a sharp one. Turn everyday objects like massagers into the ultimate beaver bashers. Sharpen vegetables like carrots and celery into hard rods that'll get your girl going like there's no tomorrow.

Yeah, that's a hot mental image.

As we mentioned earlier, the Dildomaker is just a concept for now. The good news is that it might become a reality if enough like-minded people get behind it and push for its production.

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