Wreck-it-Ralph Deleted Scene Could’ve Hurt The Sims’ Feelings. We Wish it Had (VIDEO)

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bill-swift - February 14, 2013

The animated film "Wreck-it-Ralph" had a clear focus on arcade games and the now-nearly extinct arcade culture where ornately decorated wooden cabinets, specialized monitors and game-specific controls once ruled the day. When the movie-going public took their kids to this latest Disney money magnet, this take on arcade games carried plenty of appeal for adults (ok, dudes and dads) old enough to remember arcades. The news that a scene taking down ridiculous "do-nothing" social games was planned and then cut from the movie is both sad and exciting now that we have storyboard video of said scene.

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The game is called "Extreme Easy Living 2" and comes off as the kind of game where the characters don't actually do anything that requires skills from the person playing the game. Dancing the same steps over and over again (much to Ralph's chagrin) and hanging out in hot tubs sounds fun in real life but who the hell wants to control and interact with that as a game? That's to our chagrin too, or however that works. The Sims does this, Wreck-it-Ralph makes fun of it even if it's in a rough animation treatment that's only be widely distributed months after the movie's initial theatrical release. It's never too late for a beat down.

Shouts to MTV for getting the exclusive news tidbit on this one.

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