Would You Spend 24 Hours In An Elevator With Shia LaBeouf?

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bill-swift - February 20, 2016

Shia LaBeouf is the greatest living artist working today. At least if you ask him he'll tell you that. Or he'll just wear a paper bag over his head and not talk to you. Either way you know there is some art going on. Recently, he screened all of his movies and invited people to come and watch them with him. I guess it's artistic expression through crappy cinema. Today, right as you read this, Shia is in the middle of his latest art installation. He is riding an elevator for 24 hours in a building in Oxford, England. He's live tweeting it so if you want to you can go and ride in the elevator with him. What's he trying to show? What's the point? Who the hell knows? It's art, y'all. 

Sometimes I want to give performance artists a wedgie. As someone working in the arts I've had to deal with this crap a lot in my life. I would give Shia such a wedgie, a wedgie for the ages. He deserves it. 

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