Would You Hit It: Pamela Anderson’s Nip Slip

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Sam Robeson - October 26, 2018


As far as I can tell, I've never posted a Would You Hit It on Pamela Anderson. But I did post one on Chrissy Metz for some reason. I've got problems. We all know that. Pamela Anderson is so used up that a Hefty bag filled with dicks could go as her for Halloween with minimal effort, yet she keeps on being able to live with herself, which is more inspiring than most give it credit for. You look in the mirror and see a dying drag queen, but you still go through with another day? Should have used this for #mondaymotivation.

Anderson has spent far too much time and money on the various iterations of her tits to not show them off well into her eighties, and in a new gif, we can see them popping out of her jacket as she rolls around in the grass braless. So many questions. With the main one being - would you hit it?

Head HERE for the NSFW nip slip

Photo Credit: Instagram

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