Would You Hit It: Kylie Jenner Big Gross Butt In This Pic

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Sam Robeson - May 7, 2018


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Anatomically speaking the Jenndashians have more in common with a snowman than with a human being, and Kylie Jenner shows off her Frosty the Ho-man realness in a series of new Insta vaca pics. While we all know that her ass is a huge jiggly lump of Tijuana basement plastic surgery goop, we rarely get such a clinical and frankly alarming angle than in this pic above. Her gross ass looks like it spills over onto the floor every time she squats down on a toilet seat to take a mammoth Jenndashian dump (due to all the herbal tea laxatives and rapper jizz - which works as a convenient enema for a gal on the go.) Now that I've gotten you rock hard, if push came to shoving it inside Kylie - would you hit it?


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Photo Credit: Instagram / Pacific Coast News

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