Would You Hit It: Elle Fanning Panty Flash

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Sam Robeson - September 26, 2018

Elle Fanning presented an interesting challenge to her older sis Dakota Fanning when she made her way into the spotlight. Ell has no talent and might actually just be a lazily conceived RealDoll, but she's hotter than her sister. Or is she. Fuck this should have been a Who'd You Rather. Both Elle and Dakota still read as sexed up infants, so if you have an dignity you didn't click on this post in the first place. But if you're here, you want to see Elle's pussy catchers in all their glory. The folks in Japan eat up leggy blonde chicks like Elle Fanning, and for this Vogue Japan photoshoot they have her looking like a post-gang bang Sailor Moon sporting a slightly lesbian haircut. Needless to say, I'd hit it sideways. You?


Photo Credit: Vogue Japan / Instagram 

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