Would You Hit It: Christina Aguilera Pre-Edited Visible Insta Nips

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Sam Robeson - June 28, 2018


Christina Aguilera is completely embracing the fact that she's now gigantic, but is doing so without teaching us all a lesson in health and nutrition that defies science and physiology, ala Blimpie. She's just a fat chick with big tits and loving every second of it. But are you? In a new pic Aguilera can be seen with her nips out and proud as she solemly leans against a wall on a beach in a see-through dress. She's thinking - come and squirt all over my big titties big daddy. Interestingly, the version that made the final Insta cut obscures the titage, but the NSFW one in the link below shows the real deal. So, do you (write name) ____________ solemnly swear that you would hit it? Let us know in the comments.

Head HERE for the NSFW pic

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Photo Credit: Instagram

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