Would You Hit It: Ariel Winter’s Ass Hanging Out Of Her Dress

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Sam Robeson - April 26, 2018

For as much as Ariel Winter is a downer for me because she makes me think about the plight of whales, she is twenty-years-old, and does have a twenty-year-old's ass. How will it look when it's thirty? Surely scraped to death from being dragged on the ground. But for now, it's not the worst thing in the world. And how do I know that? Because as the vision that Mama Crystal always wanted, Winter's ass is pretty much visible twenty-four-seven, and recently while walking around Los Angeles she let it hang out of a barely taint-covering dress. Is Winter wearing underwear? We can't really tell, but if she's really dedicated to body acceptance, she's free-vagin' all over town. Hopefully young impressionable girls across the country see this and know that it's okay that they're fat whores too. Anyway, would you hit it?

[Watch Ariel Winter Go To Town On An Ice Cream Cone Here From TMZ]

Photo Credit: Splash News, Backgrid

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