‘World War Z’ Sequel Lives Again, Will Be Directed By David Fincher

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brian-mcgee - April 27, 2017

A sequel to 2013's World War Z was announced shortly after the film ended its theatrical run with around half a billion dollars worldwide. Since then, however, there hasn't really been anything to report and it seemed that this sequel was just going to be another casualty of zombie fatigue. Enter star and producer Brad Pitt's best director friend, Oscar nominee David Fincher, who is close to signing a deal to direct the long delayed sequel.

Now, before you get up in arms about an artist like Fincher "selling out," let us not forget that his first film was Alien 3. Fincher's no stranger to the franchise world, but his proclivity for doing dozens upon dozens of takes and his controlling and exacting nature has given studios cold feet before handing him the keys to a potential blockbuster. Apparently Paramount's new CEO is high on Fincher taking over this project and we're mere days away from it getting the green light. 

World War Z was a decent flick, good action, and a rather low key third act—especially compared to every other action movie these days. I have faith that if David Fincher actually gets to direct this thing, it might just end up being the best zombie movie of the new millennium.