Woman Fired After Video Of Her On-The-Job Meltdown Goes Viral

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Sam Robeson - September 14, 2018


As someone who was raised in an Appalachia meth den, I know a Southern woman when I see one. They all look like they could star in any of the following series: My 600-lb Life, Hoarders, or Here Comes Honey Boo Boo. In fact, I'm getting all nostalgic just watching this garbage pail Texan have a (probably) drug-fueled meltdown after a man accidentally used the wrong exit at the park at which she once worked.

But not anymore, because after the video went viral, Here Comes My 600-lb Hoarder was let go from her job. Understandably. The video really speaks for itself, and if your name happens to be Mike, you've found your new voicemail message.

Photo Credit: Facebook

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