With the BROpener, It’s Like The Whole World’s a Bottle Opener (VIDEO)

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bill-swift - January 3, 2013

I'm sure this has happened to you before: So you reach for another bottle of beer and don't really feel like walking all the way to the kitchen to pop it open with the bottle opener on the fridge. So you do what any other dude would do in that situation: open the bottle by removing the cap using the edge of some random table in the room.

Eventually, the table gets wrecked and people stop throwing (or inviting you) to parties. You've been there before, probably on both sides of the coin, and you know how it feels. Two dudes from San Fran did and they're doing something about it by launching the BROpener on Kickstarter.

It's basically a tiny magnetic strip that you can stick to any table or corner with adhesive. That way, people can still use tables to get their bottles open and your furniture won't look as mangled as they currently do without them. Why magnetic? So the bottle cap will stick to it after you open your bottle so you won't have to pick it up from the floor. It seems like they thought of everything, doesn't it?

Get It: $14

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