Winona Ryder Sex Tape Video

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bill-swift - December 11, 2007

Scandal! A new Winona Ryder sex tape has emerged, and if you thought Paris Hilton was kinky, just wait till you see this one. Winona Ryder has sex with a wooden dummy! At least he doesn't have a problem staying hard...

Okay, busted, this isn't actually a Winona Ryder sex tape, but a promo clip for Winona's latest movie, The Ten. What's funny about this one, though, is that it was posted on YouTube as a reply to the

from the movie. Now that's some clever marketing.

Anyway, It's Winona Ryder having sex with a wooden ventriloquist dummy, and riding him in her bra, so for whatever reason, I'm sure you'll appreciate it. But if it's some real Winona Ryder nudity you're craving, here's the Winona Ryder nude sex scene from Sex and Death 101.

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